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'.....The introduction of the 'XLogix' Integrated Manufacturing Solution brought real time and cost savings to the Golden Acres operations, and despite the complexities of the food processing industry, we can now run at maximum efficiency, which was impossible before.'

Roger Bracewell


Golden Acres

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Paperless QA:

At XCL Technology we are committed to promoting Environmentally Friendly, WiFi Enabled Paperless QA. Apart from reducing human error and aiding the maintenance of a clean, conscience working environment, your business may be eligible for tax reductions.

Licence Model:

Uniquely, 'XLogix' is licensed by site, regardless of Number of Users. This affords major savings for Multi-User Sites whilst offering no Cost Implications for future Growth.

Product Traceability:

Record and Manage Raw Materials from receipt to despatch and improve Operational Control, OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency), Quality Management and Production Capacity.

Real Time Data:

All Data Capture, Scheduling and Reports can be integrated with existing Business Systems, is via Wireless Remote and is recorded in 'Real Time.'

Identifying specific Quality Issues as they occur allows for more Expeditious and Improved Decision Making.

Our Fixed Price Promise:

XCL Technology is proud to operate a Fixed Price Promise. The price we present to you in our quotation, whether the solution be Bespoke or Modular, is diligent of the final price.

RTMs (Return to Manufacturer)
Down Time

Quality Management
Operational Control
OEE (Overall Equipment Efficiency)
Production Capacity