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'.....The introduction of the 'XLogix' Integrated Manufacturing Solution brought real time and cost savings to the Golden Acres operations, and despite the complexities of the food processing industry, we can now run at maximum efficiency, which was impossible before.'

Roger Bracewell


Golden Acres

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XCL has devised a revolutionary state-of-the-art production system to keep Jackson's, one of the largest bakeries in the UK, a 'cut above' it's competitors with Optimum Process Control and Efficiency.

Jackson's is Europe's only plant bakery dedicated to food service and specialises in the supply of bread to large scale sandwich makers.

With 'XLogix' XCL has provided the East Coast operation with a Wireless, Internet based Management System which provides total product traceability, increased efficiency, improved cost centre analysis and optimised scheduling.

'XLogix' ensures decision making is pushed up to planning with the utilisation of Radio Frequency Identification, (RFID), and Bar Code technology, making everything fully traceable. The customised programme regularly provides automated alerts, which highlight progress of orders, ensuring fewer mistakes and increased efficiency.

Importantly, there are no hidden surprises and a refreshing transparency. It all adds up to very real and measurable business benefits.

Jackson's Financial Director sums up: 'We supply bread to most of the UK's Sandwich Makers, and usually have over 50 different recipes on the go at any one time.

'This XCL system provides solutions to all our challenges because it integrates multiple operating and reporting procedures no matter how complex. By controlling the factory rather than our financials it makes our operations more traceable and more cost effective.

'The real beauty of the system is its simplicity.......'

Jackson's Bakery – A Cut Above The Rest