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'.....The introduction of the 'XLogix' Integrated Manufacturing Solution brought real time and cost savings to the Golden Acres operations, and despite the complexities of the food processing industry, we can now run at maximum efficiency, which was impossible before.'

Roger Bracewell


Golden Acres

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The revolutionary Integrated Manufacturing Solution, 'XLogix,' has successfully tackled the complexities of the Fresh Food processing Industry at Makins Limited, the country's largest handler of imported potatoes and grading facilities, to enable up to a third more tonnage each year.

'XLogix' has literally revolutionised the service provision Makins offers it's customers from it's 12 acre site, of which 100,000 sq. Ft. is chilled.

Makins primary business is the receiving, handling and distribution of imported potatoes. The company grade in excess of 45,000 tonnes over a six month period into 2.5 mm size brandings.

After grading, the product is stored in specially designed chill stores prior to distribution to major supermarket pack houses throughout the UK.

Following a year long intensive development cycle, involving both XCL and Makins, the XCL IMS system has the ability to manage the complete manufacturing operation, as raw material input is monitored and controlled all the way to despatch.

'XLogix' controls the factory, rather than controlling the financials and is totally transparent. Essentially, it controls and minimises human intervention and error by replacing decision making on the shop floor with sets of optimised instructions.

Keen to point out the advantages is Chris Makin, Managing Director of Makins Ltd. '......thanks to 'XLogix' we have literally revolutionised the service provision we can give our customers. From the moment the potatoes arrive, to the point they leave, our overall efficiency has improved massively, enabling us to handle over 33% more tonnage this year.'

Potato Handling and Distribution for Makins